Testimonials by Eileen Bobinski in Billings, MT

Jano G - Photography in Billings, MT
Jano G. (taken on a 1930's 4x5 format camera). - I really liked the way you worked with me, you explained everything I asked you. You were pretty clear on everything. I felt totally comfortable.
Shannon M. - I felt like your work captured and accentuated a part of me that isn't easily seen. The photos were honestly ethereal, and I have not met a photographer who's work I liked more than yours...and I know a ton of photographers.
Shannon M - Photography in Billings, MT
Aris F - Photography in Billings, MT
Aris F. - Through your previous works, I felt confident enough to work with you in some pictures that not only had a purpose of capturing the moment, but also pictured my sensations of being in a different gender role for a while. With you I found myself quite comfortable during such experience.
Lexi M. - This was a great experience and you're amazing to work with! Your pictures are great and I'm glad that they got featured in this!
Lexi M - Photography in Billings, MT