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First Post as a Professional

Here we are. My first blog post. I'm honestly not sure where to start with this. I have a great vision in my head as to how I want my blog to look, but the road going there is a little bumpy. From my mind, I want this to mostly be about my thoughts and views on photography, the art of it, the business of it, and every little nook and cranny of the photo industry that my mind comes across. Even little sneak peeks into my sessions. To get this really started however, I MUST get my website published, which is in the makings. Most importantly, I really, reaaaaally need to start getting out more and taking photos, of anything. I'll go more into detail a later blog post....
What I really want is this to take off, and go somewhere. Somewhere great. Who knows what paths I can create here. The stories are endless. So here's to my first blog post, short, but nevertheless, a great start. A start to pushing myself, and a start to bettering myself as a professional artist, and all around better human being.

Cheers to you all,